_PinkMultimedia Events

_Pink is embraceled's trendsetter within the world of multimedia. Consisting of smart and modular made functionalities, information technology can be easily integrated with existing information platforms like closed and open 'social' media.

Any form of interaction made by the particpant wearing a _Pink, can be made to be a multimedia expression. Expressions by _Pink can be made based on proximity, on action, in sequence on measurement of attendance or time. With these measurements of expressions, we can bridge towards multimedia using the simple; what if statement.

Most important reasons nowadays for using multimedia solutions are for competitors advantage or quality assurance. Within the fast moving competitors advantage market, characterized by unique customer actions, smart relations are made between event made expressions and spread of the social relations' awareness on multimedia platforms. On the multimedia platforms by use of the relations' awareness, it can lead to spread of the expression by social relations' engagement. All of course with mentioning of brand name, label or employer's mark.

By combination of expression on site (the event) and spreading across a multimedia platform, this can also be defined as crossmedia. Especially for companies a more and more used way of reaching consumers based on relational trusted source advice.

_Pink is allowing social media platforms to connect to the bracelet. Instead of using an emailadress or business card as foundation, the source of acting can be any multimedia platform. Now expressions can be crossed over to the outside world, far outreaching the event area.

By play of measuring, questioning, tasting and teasing the visitors experience, expressions can be made to spread across their own 'social' network. These can be simple expressions, like a word, text, image or video, but any combination of it is also plausible.

_Pink is here for the positive message, a message beautiful enough to be shared.

Embraceled _Pink - Spread the light.

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