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Welcome to expression

From the deepest, darkest void, sprung man's first creation; pulse. A pulse originated from pure expression of possibility, awaiting its absolution; the silence. Ever searching for new expressions, man findeth there; rhythm. In the troughs of rhythm, new possibilities. All resulting in the creation and conservation of; balance.

In man's journey through pulse and rhythm in the wake of balance, man found many expressions. Expressions to observe, experience, to share.

Our travel through the fastness of the ever present silence, the big plain of endless possibilities, brings us the masters of expression, creatively moving the world of music, the artist. Creator of pulse.

Where the eardrum is moved by the vibrations of the air, resulting from the pulses of the master of expression, the body is moved by the palpable vibrations, taunting the inaudible silence.

Welcome to embraceled

Where the eye is invoked to the breaking of silence. For pulse, every vibration and every wave, founded its existence to the light. Every gradation an emotion, any shape a recognition, every change an alteration within the illusion of time and movement.

From large events to clubs worldwide, embraceled is embracing unity. Unity between visitor and artist, between sound and light, expression and observer, for true unification. Rhythmically pulsating in the depths of void originating unlimited possibilities, the silence.

The Embraceled _Orange, a wrist worn light object, expressive till 16.7 million colors, mastered by the radio waves originated by the source, the artist.

In unity or division, in waves or in pulses, by matrices or fully pixelt, by strobing or continuous emitting of light, whatever the master of expression desires, embraceled _Orange will follow.

Embraceled _Orange - Experience unity through light

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