Every participant is an unique piece of the participant's group. On events we would like to show how this uniqueness is present. With the functionality 'Vote!' Embraceled enables participants to express their uniqueness by showing their colors.

The time of broadcasting and passively receiving has flown, interaction has become the new standard for event organizers. Thus allowing the participant to be a part of the theme. Every participant you see, has a unique piece to give of the collective. Motivations for reasoning and settings for viewpoint can be discussed with interactive voting. For next to the general collective result, we also individually express opinion by color. For an organizer or speaker the perfect occasion for further interaction.

With 'Vote!' functionality Embraceled enables use of a wireless vote-system, for each bracelet can function as a voting module. By use of choosing colors, participants can answer given questions. Multiple choice, closed questions, by knock-out or at own demand scattered. If needed, the Embraceled system can also show results on projected sheets.

The Embraceled platform of course allows for all information to be available for the participants and the event organizer. With aid of a simple mailing service, made contacts for example can be shared.

In short, fun & functional

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