Every participant is an unique piece of the participant's group. On events we sometimes have to fit in this uniqueness in timely manner. With the functionality 'Time!' the Embraceled enables particpants to be informed about the availability of time.

The vicissitudes of the event are relieved, when time and planning are brought to light. Simple notification of beginning and end times by use of lighting up bracelets. On any time, being the right time, subtle awareness of a carefully planned day.

For speakers a subtle notification of remaining speech time, by f.e. lighting up the participants bracelets 3 minutes prior to the end of the time slot in the color green, 1 minute prior in orange and finally at closing slot blinking red. No stress of watching a clock beat down the seconds, or awaiting the horn of end times. A simple notification without screaming out loud, that's a subtle result of light.

Embraceleds love to bring some enlightenment.

In short, fun & functional

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