Every participant is an unique piece of the participant's group. Sometimes we would like to share this uniqueness with the outside world. With the functionality 'Social!' Embraceleds are enabled to act as a social media sharing device.

'Social!' is always combinable with any edition of bracelet. Instead of using the emailadress as contact information, Embraceleds are also enabled to have a direct opt-in to any given social account. Which amongst others, allows for the user to place contacts and information directly under the right group of contacts.

With Embraceled's off- to online social enabler, visitors are able to have the 'I have been there' messages posted on their social account. Letting all contacts join in on the experience.

The addition of 'Social!' also allows participants to the embraceland platform and to find the collective of social data. Within the embraceland platform, the event organizer is enabled to make and place After Event Pages for their event. A way of re-experiencing the event with all after event content neatly organized.

In short, fun & functional

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