Every participant is an unique piece of the participant's group. On events we would like to bring this uniqueness together. With the use of the 'Match!' functionality an Embraceled is enabled to search for mutually shared interests among other participants and bring them together.

An Embraceled you see, can carry a profile of the participant. There is a profile for initiating contact for example, filled with exiting thematic topics of interest which are used for giving topics of conversation when matches come together. Because Embraceleds share topics of interest and can compare for matches. When a match is nearby, both bracelets will light up in the mutually shared topic of interest, thus giving the shared topic of conversation. The closer the matching bracelets are brought together, the faster they will start blinking. If you have had a nice conversation, you can simply share you contact information for follow-up, by simply holding Embraceleds above one another.

The Embraceled platform of course allows for all information to be available for the participants and the event organiser. With aid of a simple mailing service, made contacts for example can be shared.

In short, fun & functional

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