Every participant is an unique piece of the participant's group. On events we would sometimes like to measure this uniqueness. With the functionality 'Listen!' the Embraceled platform enables bracelets to be monitored based on presence, occupation and interests whilst moving through the event area.

For how long, why and what for? These key questions are solved with 'Listen!'. With Embraceled's very own way we able to listen in on the busyness of the day. With a listening ear, comes insights and advice. For to measure is to know... Together we can make an event day insightful, understandable and improvable. Questions regarding rounting, hot-spots, safety, focus points or effectiveness of sales are solved with Embraceled 'Listen!'. Making all insightful for visitor and organizer.

The Embraceled platform of course allows for all information to be available for the participants and the event organizer. Either live on the spot (Live data on screen) or after in clear charts.

Embraceled loves to listen in on the improvements of life.

And as always, fun & functional

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