Every participant is an unique piece of the participant's group. On events we would sometimes like to measure this uniqueness. With the functionality 'Like!' particpiants are able to express their big thumbs up.

Embraceled is all about interaction, experience and a measurable difference. With the Embraceled 'Like!' system, we take this expression one step further. 'Like!' is able to communicate with the outside world. With 'Like!' we connect the act to the expression.

A 'Like!' is a contact point in the room with which the Embraceled can communicate. By simply holding your Embraceled above these contact points, participants can share their interests. By casting this like, all expressions can be created. Wether it be a request for a favorite song for the tribute band to play, a vote for the best poster session, the best stand on the area, the best product around, a post to social media or access to specific zones, payment with credits or whatever we can imagine...

The Embraceled platform of course allows for all information to be available for the participants and the event organizer. Either live on the spot (Live data on screen) or after in clear charts.

Embraceled likes to help spread the good messages of life.

And as always, fun & functional

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