Every participant is an unique piece of the participant's group. On events we would sometimes like to express all this uniqueness with the collective group. With the functionality 'Lights!' visitors' Embraceleds are enabled to be a part of the biggest and baddest collective lightshow seen to date.

With the possession of 16.7 million colors and eye-boggling presets as twinkle, woosh, the matrix, blots, morphs, beat, strobe, group, pixel-mapped and full DMX-control, Embraceleds are the LED-wonders for music events. Used worldwide on the biggest parties, fully brand-able for any kind of sponsor or label.

And don't forget Embraceled's core value, there is always room for more fun and functionality. Additional functions can be added to 'Lights!' for enabling social interaction to take place, add-ons like; Wins, photobooths, love sets and magic DJ-effects. For the organizer; Crowd-management like safety, presence, effectiveness, vibe, Embraceled can do it all.

Also check out additional 'Social!' functionality, where Embraceleds are enabled to connect to the Embraceland platform after the show. Thus allowing for after event experiences.

Amazing lights and as always, fun & functional

I want this!