Every participant is an unique piece of the participant's group. On events we would like to bring this uniqueness to the spot light. With the functionality 'Divide!' participants' Embraceleds are enabled to divide or bring together the group.

Every event is carefully planned and cared for by the event organizer. Execution of the carefully planned event and its information broadcast on mayday itself, the most exciting challenge. How to get each participant to the exact break-out room at every given time. On paper perfectly organized, in practice for the share amount of participants attending a struggle to manage.

With 'Divide!' functionality Embraceled brings comfort and ease for the event organizer. When planned activities are due, when subdivisions are needed by group, room or program, 'Divide!' helps. 'Divide!' can light up any group division needed at any given time. ,,Blue group, please go to the blue room!" This is how subtle a color can be.

'Divide!' can also bring more information to participants awareness. Which departments came together, who where project leads or the best of class? Predefined information can easily be brought to light for groups or individuals.

In short, fun & functional

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